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How To Get Drunk On A Wednesday

February 20th, 2013 · No Comments

It’s been nearly 8 months since my last entry here and I feel as though I should use it more often but I really don’t know what for. The 1 a day thing was alright but I certainly struggled for content and now I simply leave the blogging side of things alone.

My reasoning for this is simple: There are a lot of sites out there that are dedicated to the things I write about and I sincerely doubt anyone wants to see yet another game review/film review/random photo blog written by some unknown weirdo on the internet.

Occasionally though I do still make cocktails and there isn’t enough sites about that with appropriate pictures. Or at least none that I’ve found that aren’t just a business trying to promote itself and the drinks it creates.

Still that brings me nicely to today’s topic which is all about getting drunk on a Wednesday. At lunchtime. Don’t worry I’m on holiday, broke and very, very bored so I have to do something :p

Today I am attempting to make a drink I have only heard about and seen listed on a menu yet never ordered since I always seem to be the designated driver….I must look into sorting that.

The drink in question is the Strawberry Shortcake from Frankie and Benny’s which states on the menu is made from Disaronno, Strawberry Liqueur, Strawberries and Cream. It’s taken me a while but I finally tracked down the strawberry liqueur and decided to crack on with it today.

My ‘made up as I went along recipe™’ was as follows using a 35ml measure for each ingredient:

  • 2 measures Disaronno
  • 1 measure Strawberry liqueur
  • 1 measure cream
  • 3 strawberries

Before I added these to the blender I quickly chucked some ice in there and made sure it was nice and crushed to blend well with the drink.

As I’ve no doubt mentioned before the blender I have is noisy and quite honestly the less drinks I have to make using it the better. Roughly a minute later though I had a drink ready to server.

All the above neatly fitted into my largest martini glass and the result looked rather nice and had a similar consistency to that of a strawberry milkshake – so far so good. The only downside to this drink is that I’m not a huge fan of Disaronno or strawberries for that matter. Still you have to make some sacrifices every now and then.

Turns out (of course) that it was a delicious sacrifice to make and the flavour of the almond based Disaronno mixing with the strawberries and cream was quite delicious. Obviously the bottom of the glass was full of seeds from the strawberries which I couldn’t strain out since the mixture was too thick for the sieve.

If I could find a way of removing the seeds in the future I would certainly have another one of these without hesitation!

The SetupThe finished product

Some more utterly pants photos for you to enjoy there as well – click to make them a little bigger!

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