I really liked the look of this game when it came out but never got around to buying it based on a few reviews I read that said the writing was childish and the gameplay simplistic.

Those opinions were right to a degree but my word what a game! The short 2 hours I’ve spent with the game have made me fall in love with the over-the-top, zero fucks given style of FPS games again!

A lot of modern games are (in my eyes at least) becoming too rooted in realism and making things accurate to the real world. I play games to escape the real world –  I want to drive expensive cars sideways, I want to feel like a badass and I want to shoot things so they turn into a fine red mist.

Bulletstorm absolutely nails those feelings. Except for the car driving one since from what I played I didn’t get to drive anything – maybe that changes!

Right from the word go however this game is action packed and chaotic even in the ‘training’ section at the start which sets the story up. A mercenary is spaced, part of your ship is blown up and finally you get into a massive dogfight with the enemy ship.

From there it goes from bad to worse with your ship crashing to the ground and you find yourself trying to save your crew whilst fighting off savage locals. In a few short minutes the basics of the game are laid out and the necessary plot motivations are set.

The gameplay is fast and fluid the gunplay is over the top and the deaths of the enemies are needlessly brutal – just how it should be. Additionally you get access to a energy leash weapon which allows you to drag enemies and parts of the scenery into the air. Pair that with kicking people (both slide and standing) and you can see how utterly nuts this game can become!

Killing in creative ways is encouraged by the upgrade system which is doled out based on skill points you earn for kills. Periodically you’ll come across an upgrade weapon drop which you can connect to with your leash and buy more ammo and abilities along with viewing a list of special kill combinations you can shoot for if you’ll pardon the pun!

Some of these are simple such as headshots whilst others require juggling enemies with the leash and kicks so that they never touch the ground. Others require that you send enemies to their deaths via a long fall which is an entertaining feat to engineer which is aided by a little slow motion when leashed enemies are nearby.

The downside to this is that the story is rather simplistic so far and I doubt it gets much better. The often alluded to crude writing is rather basic at times but the lines never feel forced and the characters are aware that some of the stuff they say makes no sense.

I do need to go back and play more which brings me to why I had to stop in the first place – the game crashed! Luckily the game has a very frequent autosave system so I don’t think I’ve lost much progress. Even if I have I really won’t mind playing through some sections again as it was truly great fun!

I will return to it and probably very soon as I understand the game is quite short which should see it completed quite swiftly!