Cocktail Friday! (20/365)

It’s Friday and I was working late which sadly means no cocktails tonight as I simply can’t be bothered. Truth be told I’ve actually stopped making cocktails and I’m not even sure why as it’s fun and of course you get a drink at the end of it.

Given my recent change in working hours (I no longer work Sunday, I should probably cover that in a post!) I’m going to cheat and move Cocktail Friday to a Saturday which means I’ve got a guaranteed day off afterwards and given my usual shift pattern probably an early finish too!

The real next question is what drink to make? If I go back to my 2011 One-A-Day I did manage some 50 different cocktails in a year and I’ll certainly try to avoid making those again! A few personal favourites may slip through the cracks of course depending on the occasion.

I might start tomorrow but in all likelihood it’ll be the week after as I’ve little in the way of mixers in the house just now and I really don’t want to go to the shop on a rare weekend off! Instead I’ll probably just sit around the house and complain about the miserable weather.