Stuck in a rut! (32/365)

Recently I’ve been working a larger number of late shifts than normal which combined with the very late nights at the weekend for watching wrestling has utterly wrecked my sleep pattern. That’s not to say I was sleeping to a steady pattern but unless I have work early I can’t seem to get out of bed!

This of course leads to the problem of not getting up until nearly lunchtime which not only wastes a huge chunk of the day but it also means I’m not tired come a ‘normal’ bedtime. The last few nights I’ve not been to bed earlier than 3am and even then I still sit and read for a bit before putting my head down.

I’m not even sure how to go about fixing this! The simple solution is set an early alarm, struggle through the day with a lack of sleep and then get to bed at a normal time that night. The trouble is the next day I’ll just go back to lying in as long as I can and ruin any progress I’ve made.

I do have some holiday coming up so I can perhaps try to do something during that time but given the trip away I have at the end of the week I know that will ruin it too!

I suppose the real trouble lies with me not really being a morning person and much preferring the quiet of night to get on with watching and reading things. When it comes to work however I’m much the opposite and really want to get an ¬†early shift, get finished and make the use of the evening for entertainment and gaming!

I suspect getting a little exercise won’t hurt either and now that my foot is nearly healed perhaps I can use some of the morning if I can drag myself out of bed?