Summer Holidays! (One-A-Day 31/365)

OK WTF!? It’s January and I’m talking about summer holidays already? Crazy I know but stick with me. After yesterdays ramble through my musical history in which I missed out like a gazillion bands (Metallica, RATM, Deftones to name a few!) it occured to me earlier this month I booked my summer holiday.

More importantly I also paid for it as well so I’m going no matter what happens now 😀

I’m not going abroad, I’m not going to a quiet place in the country and I’m not staying at home. So what am I doing? I’m heading off to a rock/metal festival by the name of Sonisphere for the 3rd year running and I really can’t wait.

I figured now was a good time to talk about it as they announced a few more bands today but so far the lineup is looking stunning with not one band I dislike on the bill thus far. You know this is going to be a good holiday when it starts that well 🙂

So which artists have I got myself so worked up about? To start with ‘The Big 4’ as they are called (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer & Anthrax) are playing on the same night back to back. A great start to the weekend with a heavy metal/thrash sound ringing in my ears! Today they also announced that Diamond Head will be playing on the same day!

Other than those 5 bands there are a further 9 on the bill thus far. Of those I’ve been wanting to see two of them for ages: Motörhead & Slipknot! I missed out on a Motörhead gig back in my student days as I was relying on the student loan to buy the ticket. Said loan turned up late and I couldn’t go. Oh well at least I had good intentions with taxpayer money 😀

Also added today were Weezer who everyone knows are just awesome all bundled up into a band and have many many songs that will provide excellent festival sing-a-longs. Alongside them the mighty Airbourne were added! I saw them back in a tiny venue (Fat Sams Live in Dundee if you want to know) and they blew me away. They also played the inaugural Sonisphere in 2009 so I’m happy to see them back as they certainly know how to get a crowd going.

Returning are Mastadon who also put on a great show in 2009. Sadly I only knew one song of theirs at the time and they didn’t play it. This time round will be different and I’ll be right in the thick of the action with any luck!

Of the remaining bands (In Flames, Parkway Drive, Architects and Biffy Clyro) I’ve heard and like material by all of them but I need to learn a few more songs before I can enjoy their performances this summer. Best get cracking then….