A Failure (One-A-Day 303/365)

Today is the 30th October which marks the end of the photo challenge I took part in at the start of the month. I’ve not kept up with the project since the day we were required to grab a sunset despite many a promise to do so.

Honestly I feel a bit guilty for not doing that as I do like photography and I’d like to improve but of course the only way to do that it by actually taking some photos! Of course before I attempt the challenge that will be laid down in November I do have a handy list of excuses!

  • My phone camera gets poor pictures in low light
  • My Point and Shoot eats batteries
  • Minecraft (mandatory excuse)
  • Laziness
  • Overly ambitious aims

The only really important excuses are 4 & 5 and the laziness is a huge culprit! I live in a beautiful old town with great farmland, woods and beaches around but I simply cannot be bothered to get out there and snap away.

Overly ambitious aims can be easily explained as I like to grab pictures of both cats doing whatever it is cats do – this is usually an easy task. Trying to grab photos of them that still fit in with the theme of the photo challenge was quite hard as getting a cat to pose isn’t easy!

I’ve still got some ideas and I’m going to try and take the photos anyway and see if I can’t get them posted up later on the week and damn the consequences!

If I’m feeling in a good way I might even redecorate the blog finally….