January Round-Up! (31/365)

Yeah I’m pulling out the lazy ‘clip show’ episode trope for tonight’s blog entry as it’s cheap filler and more importantly I can type it up whilst watching Netflix. Oh yeah – love me some multitasking!

So what happened in January if you’ve not been reading? Actually not a whole lot but I have to start somewhere I suppose. I’ve made a start on the Steam backlog, I’m actually reading a book at bedtime again and I’ve managed 30 out of 31 days of photo a day so that’s pretty good!

Quick list of stats:

  • Metres rowed: 0
  • KG’s lifted in the gym: 0
  • Games reviewed: 3
  • Books finished: 0
  • Photos taken: 30

I’ve actually not got much more to say so here’s all the photos I took through January:

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