Cocktail Friday (43) – Yellow Bird (One-A-Day 310/365)

Ahhhh finally I’ve actually not been so utterly drained of energy or too busy to make a cocktail and resume the proper order of posting the adventures of making random drinks on a weekly basis! This week I’ve even gone ahead and made a real cocktail as opposed to a shot which is long overdue as well!

Before I get to the important stuff though I should mention the pretty awesome fun of the fireworks we had earlier in the evening before dinner! I had some of my stash from last year and quite a decent haul from this morning with some reduced to clear deals as well! I’ve said some of the bigger ones for my birthday and can’t wait to try them 😀

The older stuff was mostly smaller cakes which I bulked up with a few smaller rockets to mix things up. The best of the lot was sadly the 2 cakes I opened up the display with which I managed to light together for a thunderous and colourful start to the show! The rest was as expected for supermarket fireworks with one cake malfunctioning a bit and firing things on the ground!

After that we got to work on a roast pork dinner and a jam turnover and custard pudding – awesome food and a decent end to the evening. Well sort of – I still had to make a cocktail of course! Today I chose the interesting sounding Yellow Bird mostly as an excuse to use Galliano! Mostly alcohol in this one too:

  • 1.5 measures white rum
  • 1 measure lime juice
  • 0.5 measure triple sec
  • 0.5 measure Galliano

So yeah – not a lot of mixer in there and what appears to be a decent mixture of flavours! My fresh limes weren’t so fresh and couldn’t be used so I had to switch to the little bottle which I fear may have overpowered the drink – any excuse to make another though right?

The end result is a mildly yellow drink that my initial reaction to was that someone pee’d in my glass! Silly jokes aside it has a wonderful smell of mostly vanilla with the rum also detectable. Taste wise the lime juice has overpowered it but the flavour of the triple sec comes through and is complimented by a nice warmth from the rum.

One I’ll revisit once I have some more fresh limes I feel and see if that improves the drink!