Eating Out (One-A-Day 22/365)

A bit of a late entry for me here as I’ve just been out for a meal with my family to celebrate my birthday. Which was in December. On the day we were all to meet up and go out we all appeared to be dying of the plague/manflu/death (delete as a appropriate) so we cancelled the meal until we were all healthy.

In fact the meal nearly got cancelled last night when my sister phoned to say she’d fallen and had smashed her face of the ground. Luckily she is fine – a bit sore and stiff but nothing broken. With everything OK we finally headed out for my birthday meal.

Where did we head to I hear you ask? I’ll give you a clue – it was featured on a Gordon Ramsay show and beat a posh London restaurant.

If you still don’t know after that then I’ll tell you. We went to the Nahm Jim in St.Andrews. Quite handy having such a nice restaurant local really. Usual parking in town problems aside getting there is nice and easy. Except for the roadworks. I’ll save that for a separate post though.

The Nahm Jim itself is spread over 2 floors with the upstairs being slightly more posh. We were in the downstairs section due to my dad being back in his wheelchair. Sadly although they’d reserved a table for us they hadn’t made a note of the wheelchair accessibility and put us in an awkward spot.

Still we got seated in good time and ordered drinks. Cocktails a plenty but I didn’t have any as I was driving which was a shame as I know they do a killer mojito. Shortly after we ordered our food which proved quite a tough choice.

In the end my dad and I had the Thai Haggis which is somewhat spicy but very tasty and served on a Thai omelette. I’ve yet to learn how this differs from a regular omelette but never mind. My mum and sister decided to both have  the Chang Mai Banquet which gave them a starter of Honey Roast Crispy Duck.

Next up came the mains of which there were 3 for my mum and sister to share: Beef Panang Curry, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Pad Thai Noodles with King Prawns. This was served with the steamed jasmine rice and looked delicious 🙂

My dad had a crack at the Lamb Massaman curry which I’ve had before and can confirm is simply delicious. A southern Thai dish of medium spiciness with potatoes and shallots in. More rice  to go with the curry of course.

I was torn between so many different meals including 2 different curries, beef teriyaki, pepper and garlic pork and chilli a& Thai basil chicken. In the end I went with the Chilli and Basil Chicken with a big helping of rice. To say it was delicious is one thing but what really surprised me was the basil.

Quite simply amazing as I loaded up my fork with rice, peppers, chilli some sauce and some basil. All the usual flavours came through nicely but were quickly overwhelmed by the power and fragrance of the basil. So much so I was telling everyone else and offering samples. Simply outstanding.

Finally we came to the dessert menu. Sadly this is where my palette became less adventurous and jumped straight for the chocolate fudge cake. A huge wedge of chocolatey goodness and a scoop of ice cream made for a satisfying finish to my evening. No one else joined me in the sweets but all had some teas or coffee of their choosing.

Certainly not a bad night out and very little to complain about. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who likes Thai food.