From the ashes…..

Aaaaand I’m back! 😀

No don’t ask where I’ve been – I’ll get to that in due time. I’m back posting stuff because I’m bored and had an idea. Yes 1 whole idea – booyah!

I realised I have a lot of unplayed games – nothing new there I hear you say lots of people have unplayed games. Unfortunately my problem, like many, is I like to purchase things when they are cheap. As in Steam sale cheap (or other sale website or whatever!) and as a result I’ve ended up hoarding quite a few games that have never been installed!

I currently own 305 games on Steam which seems like quite a lot but is probably very minor to some people. However I’ve probably only played 10% of these due to something of an addiction I’ve had to a certain game the past 3 years. The game in question is Borderlands 2 (and The Pre-Sequel!) which have collectively sucked up nearly 1000 hours of game time between them. Few other games get a look in with the next nearest being messing around in Skyrim for a few days.

This has to stop – I’ve tons of games to explore and new content to devour and who knows maybe even a new favourite game for me to obsess over?

The plan for this blog is to try and clear my Steam backlog by the end of the year. Do-able at 1 game per day but first this means un-installing all Borderlands games from my PC – a bold step indeed.

Obviously I won’t be able to fully play and complete each game that is on my list but I think I should be able to get a feel for each one and decide if it really is for me and if I will come back to it once I’m finished trying to whittle away some of this list.

I’m not going to type the whole list out here but I’ll get something sorted in due time – perhaps even a whole page dedicated to it on the blog.

I’m hoping to post most days depending on my work schedule (retail shift work, woooo!) but I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to put out some interesting content and obviously mini reviews.

Lastly I won’t be playing games in any sort of order – I’ll pick and choose what I fancy and more importantly what I might have time for that day. Here goes nothing – deleting Borderlands in 3….2….1…..