Crazy Machines 3 (9/365)

Time to start on the whole point of this blog – the dreaded Steam backlog. I’ve not actually updated the list since I made some purchases during the Christmas sale but I’ll get that done once this post goes live!

Today though I’d like to talk about Crazy Machines 3. In all honesty its a game series I’d not heard about before but a quick search online revealed a lot of people very happy to see it on Steam and giving lots of positive reviews. With a reasonable 25% off the price I jumped on it straight away.

The premise of the game is simple: Build crazy machines! What kind of crazy machines is the next obvious question and the answer is Rube Goldberg machines. In short an overly complicated machine that goes through many stages to achieve a rather simple goal – most of the time pressing a button to activate a door/light or something similar.

The game itself is broken down into three distinct sections: A campaign, a mini game mode and a creative mode. Right now I’ve only played the first part and just barely made it to the halfway point but I feel like I’ve got a good feel for the game already.

The campaign runs its course over 80 different levels slowly upping the challenge and the different components you get to play with. Initially it sets you doing things in a back garden but this quickly escalates to playing with lasers in a lab, rockets in space and messing with pyramids in an Egyptian setting. I can’t even begin to think what might be next.

Each level has it’s own solution although I’m fairly sure I’ve broken the game and found ways to solve things that weren’t strictly intended. That said honestly when you stare at a puzzle for 30 minutes and still can’t see the intended solution I’ll happily take a fluke!

As I said I’ve only touched on the campaign so far and while the mini games intrigues me I’m really interested in the creative mode which I’ll tackle when I’ve finished learning how all the machines work. I’m not even sure what kind of machine I want to build but I know I want something crazy that dispenses a drink if that’s possible!

Whilst I’ve not actually yet completed the game I do intend to and at least I have actually played the game and not left it to rot in my Steam library for once! Over the next week I’m going to try and tackle another game as I continue to try and break my Borderlands 2 addiction!