I’m officially crazy! (One-A-Day 1/365)

Erm hi!

Dramatic opening post I know but it’s true – I’m crazy!

2011 is less than 1 hour old as I write this and have moments ago purged every single post I’ve ever made to this site over the past 2 or so years. Why? I’m having a crack at that whole One-A-Day blogging thing that appears to be taking the internet by storm!

Admittedly I didn’t have to sign up to produce 365 bits of nonsense over the next year but since I’ve used this site so little I need something to light a fire under my ass! (Uh oh, crude already!)

So what will I be writing about? Mostly anything and everything to give myself plenty of scope for topics without trying to feel too stale within 4 days. However these will largely be about the following broad topics:

  • Me
  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Work (not 100% on how this will work yet but we’ll see…)

If non of these topics interest you then please visit again in about 10 days when I’ll have forgotten what I was doing and start posting random stuff again =)

So there – my opening entry to the One-A-Day challenge! Drazan jaroslav